Contemporary Native Art to Russia

This website shows the art and artists involved in the June-July 2012 Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art and the September-October 2012 Novosibirsk State Museum of Art biennial.

Rhett Lynch

Born in 1959

Lives in Alameda, New Mexico, USA

Rhett Lynch, a self-taught Diné artist, lives and works in Alameda, New Mexico with Elyse, his wife, and their plethora of pets. In his thirty plus years as a professional artist, he has found expression in a variety of mediums: hand-woven tapestries, sculpture, drawings, monotypes, paintings in oil and acrylic, writing, acting in films, and developing the motion picture production company, Heap Big Films. Always seeking to expand his visual vocabulary, Rhett consistently experiments with various materials in order to bring more power, life, and intensity to his art. Rhett’s broad range of subject matter: the human form, animals, landscapes, icons, archetypes, myth and legend, are depicted realistically to pure abstract, whimsical to mystical.  Rhett refers to his work as a visual journal, recording his experiences as a tourist of life.  His work is a testament to the deeply powerful symbols found in the well of his Indigenous heritage. His work conveys a universal message, which crosses all cultural boundaries.  Although varying greatly in medium and subject matter, all of Rhett's work contains a common thread, intensity of color interwoven with multifaceted intent.  His paintings and writings are deeply personal, complex and moving, sometimes disturbingly so.  Viewing Rhett’s works provides an interactive experience provoking thought, evoking emotion, and leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche.  Rhett's work, which has appreciated consistently over three decades, attracts a broad range of collectors, veteran as well as neophyte, from entertainment and political personalities, to church parishes and corporations such as CNN.  


Rhett Lynch, The World's Greatest Executive on Top of the World, monoprint, etching, monotype, 

Rhett Lynch, On One Side Fire the Other Love a Moment Before You Fall in Love, monoprint, etching, monotype,