Contemporary Native Art to Russia

This website shows the art and artists involved in the June-July 2012 Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art and the September-October 2012 Novosibirsk State Museum of Art biennial.

Linda Lomahaftewa

Born 1947, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

BFA in Studio Art, 1971, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California, USA

MFA in Painting, 1971, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California, USA

The painter and printmaker Linda Lomahaftewa, an enrolled member of the Hopi and the Choctaw tribes, began her art studies at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA where she was one of the first students to attend this newly developed school for Native Students in 1962 when it served high school students. She has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, California State College, Sonoma, California, and University of California, Berkeley, Currently, she teaches at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Trained as a painter, Ms. Lomahaftewa uses bold geometric shapes to capture the beauty and feeling of the Southwestern sunset, using bright colors to convey a sense of liveliness to the land. Other works explore the types of images found in the petroglyphs near her home in Santa Fe and in the kiva (Pueblo ceremonial structures) painted murals from the ruins at Awatovi, an historic Hopi site. These abstract images reference her cultural background. As Ms. Lomahaftewa stated, “when I explain to people what those murals are, then I’m talking about my background, I’m talking about Hopi, and even where the murals come from, how they came to be, and how this particular village was destroyed during the Pueblo Revolt, that kind of thing…because my paintings contain the history of my people.  I still work within the Hopi culture but I put my own angle on it.”

Throughout her career she has won numerous awards, her work has been exhibited through out the United States, and internationally such as South America, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and Russia. 

Lomahaftewa’s works are represented in numerous private and public collections, including: the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, USA; and The James T. Bialac Native American Art Collection at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA.

Linda Lomahaftewa, Ancestral Gulf Birds 5, monotype, 2010

Linda Lomahaftewa, Ancestral Gulf Birds 9, monotype, 2010


Linda Lomahaftewa, Tanchi VIII, monotype, 2012

Linda Lomahaftewa, Year of the Dragon, monotype, 2012