Contemporary Native Art to Russia

This website shows the art and artists involved in the June-July 2012 Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art and the September-October 2012 Novosibirsk State Museum of Art biennial.

Jamison (Chas) Banks

Born in 1978 in Arkansas City, Kansas, USA

AFA, 1998, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

BFA, 2011 in Studio Arts, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

BFA, 2012 in Studio Arts

Lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Jamison Charles Banks is an enrolled member of the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe and the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma. From an early age, Banks found the inspiration to create from both his mother’s graphic art and his grandfather Bill Jamison’s paintings; they gave him much of his foundation for understanding the practice of art. Mr. Banks appreciates and works in all forms of media but specializes in screen-printing and large scale graphic paintings. 

Being of Native American descent, Mr. Banks has a unique American perception of the modern twenty-first century. He is fascinated by images of persuasive iconography, from Christian icon paintings, twentieth-century political propaganda, as well as comics and advertisements. Banks combines these elements into his accessible yet powerfully thoughtful and challenging creations. Mr. Banks most recent series, The BIG BAD WOLF, is a study of antiquated imagery and how the work creates a visual dialogue that connects to the artist’s ancestral identity. Based loosely on a family member’s experiences in the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War, Banks created a video and a series of prints to accompany the story. This work explores how powerful the history of psychological weaponry is. Using various forms of media, the creation of objects that help to further identify with the invented personality. It is through this imaginary exploration that the artist discovers realities that enrich the understanding his true identity.

Jamison’s work can be found in numerous private collections and museums around the world. Banks has shown at various galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA and Seattle, Washington, USA. 

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